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Welcome to our Office

Successful Futures Tutoring Services has been serving the community for over five years. We are located in the central area of Saint Petersburg, FL. We started as a very small business helping a couple students at a time. Over the years we have expanded to help any student in need, no matter the age or grade level. 

Not only are we providing services to our students but we also provide a family environment for our students and their parents. We have passion behind our services and believe that every student has the ability to be successful with a good and supportive team behind them. 

We give our parents relief knowing their student is in good hands with our tutors. Our students grow a new found love for education by having sessions with us due to learning and understanding material that may have been stressful for them to grasps. 

Here at Successful Futures Tutoring Services, we value education and the ability to help our students learn in ways they may think impossible. Not only do we teach our students their own way of learning, but we also teach the students parents about their child's way of learning and how they can better assist their student while at home. 

Child Safety When in Facility


We are following all COVID-19 guidelines to protect all staff members and students. All staff members and students are required to wear a mask the proper way. 

If a student has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, experiencing any COVID-19 like symptoms, or has COVID-19, the student will not be allowed into the facility until the parent provides a negative COVID-19 test for that student. 

Meet the Founder and CEO


Doretha Edwards.png

Doretha Edwards 


Au'Bryanna Kimbrough

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