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 Parents are responsible for being on time for arrival and pickups. Each student is given a 15 minute grace  period after their scheduled session start time. After 15 minutes the session is automatically canceled. Please  be on time picking up your student. If you are late picking up your student from their session there will be a $5  late fee and will need to be paid before your students next session. 

 Once a student’s tutoring session has been paid for there will be no  refunds given. No credits are  given for missed sessions. There is a  rescheduling fee if you need to reschedule a session. 

 All students are responsible for wearing a mask that fits their face correctly before entering the office building.  Students without a mask will not be allowed to enter the building. It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure  their student has a mask before bringing them to their session. We will not provide mask for students!

 If a student is sick please DO NOT bring the student to the office! Please notify staff immediately. If a student  is at the office and shows symptoms of sickness, the parent will be contacted to pick the student up




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